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By continuing to navigate this website, you unreservedly accept the following provisions and terms of use.

The version of these general terms of use currently displayed online is the only applicable version during the period of use of this website and until replaced by a new version. If any changes are made to these General Terms of Use, we will publish a notice informing you of this on our website.

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1. Legal information
1.1 Website (hereafter referred to as the “website” or the “platform”:
1.2 Publishers SAS My Training Box, 3 rue de la boucherie – 31560 Nailloux – No. 891 180 952 Toulouse Trade & Company Register – capital stock: 120 000 euros; Publication Manager: Laurent Dedieu
1.3 Designed and produced by: Laurent Dedieu – Diana Kozakova
1.4 Host (hereafter referred to as the “host”): WebSupport s.r.o. Karadzicova 12, 82 108 Bratislava, Slovakia.  

2. Purpose of the website

The MY GREEN TRAINING BOX platform proposes digital training courses in sustainable development for users. Digital training courses comprised of several modules and including videos, podcasts, assessment exercises, etc. These trainings are accessible free of charge. 

A forum is also available for each training course.  
3. Accessing the services

The website proposes digital content free of charge. 

The site also offers users the possibility of downloading, as part of the training chosen by them, the PDFs and podcasts of the said training. 

The user must first create an account on the website in order to be able to use the MY GREEN TRAINING BOX platform. Creating an account is free of charge. 

Any natural person of legal age possessing full legal responsibility and capacity, or any minor aged under 16 may create an account in their own name. If the minor is aged under 15, the creation of the minor’s account will be subject to the provision of a parental authorisation document duly signed by the minor and by the person possessing parental authority, to be sent to the following address: please choose the email address you consider most appropriate. Additionally, if the minor opts for paid training, express parental authorisation will be requested in order to finalise registration. 

To open his account, the user must complete all mandatory fields, failing which registration cannot be finalised. 

The user must choose a username and password, which will enable him to log into his account whenever he wishes. 

The users guarantee and swear on their honour that all information provided via the MY GREEN TRAINING BOX platform when creating their accounts is accurate and compliant. 

They also undertake to update their personal information from the page dedicated to them, accessible from their account. 

As stated previously, all registered users have a username and password. These information are strictly personal, private and confidential, and must never be communicated to third parties, failing which the offending user’s account may be deleted. 

Each registered user is personally responsible and liable for maintaining the confidential nature of his username and password. 

The MY GREEN TRAINING BOX platform shall under no circumstances be considered liable for any possible theft of a user’s identity. If a user suspects that fraud is occurring at any time, he must contact the MY GREEN TRAINING BOX platform ( as soon as possible in order for it to be able to take the necessary measures and to rectify the situation.  

Each user may only be the holder of a single account on the platform.  

In the event of non-compliance with these General Terms of Use, including through the creation of several accounts for a single person or the provision of incorrect information, the MY GREEN TRAINING BOX platform reserves the right to temporarily or permanently delete all accounts created by the offending user.  

If an account is deleted by the MY GREEN TRAINING BOX platform due to a failure to comply with the duties and obligations mentioned in these General Terms of Use, the offending user is formally prohibited from re-registering on the website, either directly, via another e-mail address or via a middleman, without the platform operator’s express consent.  

All costs and expenses necessary to the use of the website (computer and telephony equipment, Internet subscription, etc.) are at the user’s cost.  
4. Using the platform

The MY GREEN TRAINING BOX platform is intended for strictly personal use. 

As stated previously, after logging into his account the user may access digital training free of charge. 

These digital trainings are accessible free of charge by any user having created an account on the My Green Training Box platform. As a reminder, creating an account is completely free of charge. 

It is strictly prohibited to:

  • Delete or modify the website content, attempt to circumvent the security measures or interfere with the normal operation of the website or the servers on which it is hosted;
  • Create links to the website from another website without the Publisher’s prior, written and express consent.

Finally, any user wishing to deactivate or permanently delete his account should email the following address: .

The deletion will take effect within five (5) days. To learn more about the conditions under which their personal data are stored, the users are invited to familiarise themselves with the privacy policy, which may be consulted on the website.  
5. Intellectual property

All content shown on the platform including the brands, trademarks, logos, distinctive markings, photographs, models, text, video and sounds are the property of the publisher or its partners. 

Any reproduction, representation, use, modification or adaptation in any form of all or part of this content without the publisher’s prior written consent is strictly prohibited. 

Only the following are authorised:
- The use of this content strictly for exclusive press-related requirements, and subject to strict compliance with intellectual property rights;
- The use of the resources made available to the user, shown as being downloadable, by the user himself, for his own personal, private and non-commercial use on his personal computer.

My Training Box reserves the right to seek legal redress for any infringement of its intellectual property rights.  

The fact that My Training Box may choose not to initiate proceedings when it becomes aware of such unauthorised use does not constitute acceptance of the said use or a renunciation of its right to bring legal proceedings.  
6. Website management
To ensure the satisfactory management of the platform, at any time the publisher may:
- Suspend, interrupt or limit access to all or part of the platform, or reserve access to the platform or to certain parts of the platform for a given category of users;
- Delete any information which may adversely affect operations or contravene national or international law or the rules of netiquette;
- Suspend the website to perform updates;
- Modify the platform’s content and format.  
7. Hypertext links and forum

The platform may contain hypertext links to third-party websites which are neither published nor controlled by My Training Box. 

These links are supplied for information purposes only and may not be interpreted as constituting express or implied approval of these Websites, of their content, of the products or services they propose or the availability of the latter. 

Additionally, the existence of a link between the MY GREEN TRAINING BOX platform and a third-party website does not mean that the MY GREEN TRAINING BOX platform approves in any capacity whatsoever the content of this website and the use that could be made of it. 

Additionally, as stated previously, a forum is available for each training course. Liability for the messages featured on these forums will be assumed solely by their authors and the company will incur no liability in this respect. 

My Training Box is thus in no case responsible for the publications carried out on this forum. The user bears sole liability for them. The user guarantees that he is the owner of the content he posts or has at least been authorised to post it. 

The user also agrees not to publish:
- Content which violates intellectual property rights or professional, business or privacy-related obligations;
- Content which is fraudulent, dishonest, deceptive, defamatory, demeaning, obscene, pornographic, offensive, racist, inciting hate, harassment or more generally behaviour for which its author assumes full civil or criminal liability;
- Excessive or disproportionate content. The user agrees to always display moderation and restraint in the messages he publishes on the MY GREEN TRAINING BOX platform.
My Training Box reserves the right to remove any message which fails to comply with the above requirements, with no requirement to inform its author beforehand.  
8. Liability

My Training Box shall not be considered liable in the event of any failure, breakdown, difficulties or interruptions in operation, preventing access to the website or any of its features for functions. 

The user assumes total liability and responsibility for the equipment used by him to connect to the website. 

It is the user’s responsibility to take all appropriate measures to protect his equipment and his own data, including from computer virus attacks via the Internet. The publisher shall not be considered liable for any computer virus attack following a visit to its website by a user. 

The publisher shall not be considered liable in the case of any legal proceedings initiated against the user:
- resulting from the use of the website or any service accessible via the Internet;
- resulting from the user’s non-compliance with these general terms of use.

My Training Box shall not be considered liable for any losses caused to the users, to third parties and/or to their equipment resulting from the user’s connection to or use of the website and the user hereby renounces any action against it on these grounds. 

If My Training Box is the subject of any legal proceedings or attempted amicable settlement resulting from the use of the website by the user, it may claim compensation from the latter for all losses, sums, orders, awards and expenses resulting from these proceedings.  
9. Collection and protection of personal data
The user’s data are collected, processed and protected in accordance with the conditions stated in our privacy policy.  
10. Termination
My Training Box reserves the right to deactivate the user’s account at its sole discretion and will assume no liability for this, if the user fails to comply with these General Terms of Use.  
11. Applicable law
These General Terms of Use shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with French law.  
12. Contact us
For any questions or requests for information concerning the training solutions proposed on the website or concerning the website itself, you may leave a message at the following address:  


In application of the European General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679) and the Loi informatique et libertés (French data protection act) of 6 January 1978 (modified), the Website’s Publication Manager informs you that:

Full policy

Who are we?
The company SAS My Training Box is a company registered in the Trade & Company Register (R.C.S) of Toulouse under the number 891 180 952, having its registered office address at 3 rue de la boucherie – 31560 Nailloux. Our company develops and proposes digital training in the sustainable development field and has established a digital platform for the provision of such training under the name of MY GREEN TRAINING BOX.  
Who has responsibility for data protection? The database manager is Mr Laurent DEDIEU,, whose contact details are as follows:
- 3 rue de la Boucherie – 31650 NAILLOUX
What is protected?
All of your personal data collected by us. On this point, we should specify that we only collect your personal data if you decide to create an account (an account which is obligatorily required to be able to access the free and paid training available on the MY GREEN TRAINING BOX platform) or if you agree to receive the Newsletter, in which case your email address will be collected.
If you decide to create an account, only the following information will be requested from you: last name, first name, sex, date of birth, email address, username and password. This information are necessary and mandatory for the creation of your account. The user also has the possibility to enter additional optional information in the fields provided for this purpose, including his address, town, country, language, a brief description of his career, photograph, his webpage, his ICQ number, his Skype ID, AIM ID, Yahoo username, MSN ID, his company, his department in the company or his telephone number.
The information provided by the user (both mandatory and optional) are the only information which are directly collected and stored by MY TRAINING BOX.
We would like to draw your attention to the fact that we indirectly collect some of your data during your activities on the MY GREEN TRAINING BOX platform. The data thus collected concern your activity, transactions, devices and equipment, your use of the website, the IP address from which you visit the website and the type of activity you perform on the platform. In doing so, we collect among other things your registration date, your connection dates, or the model of your connection devices, your IP address and details of your operating system. The platform administrator will therefore be able to access details of all data collected directly or indirectly, with the exception of your password, which is known to you and you alone.  
For what purposes are your personal data stored?
The personal information collected directly will allow to:
- create your account, enabling you to access the training available on the MY GREEN TRAINING BOX platform
- receive Newsletters
- communicate with you to provide you with any information you may require or request from us
- provide you with any assistance you may require
Your personal data gathered indirectly enables us to carry out statistical studies, analyse traffic and to use different features of the MY GREEN TRAINING BOX website, to improve our website, to comply with legal and administrative requirements, and to detect and resolve certain technical issues.  
On what basis are my personal data collected? Your personal data are collected on the basis of one or more of the following legal bases:1/ You have given us your express consent, by bearing in mind that your consent can be withdrawn at any time, in accordance with the procedures defined in the present privacy policy.
2/ Your data are necessary for the performance of the contract concluded between us.
3/ Your data are necessary for the legitimate interests of My Training Box, being recalled that the collection and processing of such data do not in any way affect your interests or your fundamental rights and freedoms.
4/ Your data are necessary to comply with the laws and regulations in force.  
Where are your personal data stored?
This information is stored in cookie files and on servers located in Slovakia, managed by WebSupport s.r.o., Karadzicova 12, 821 08 Bratislava, Slovakia.  
When and for how long are your personal data stored?
Your personal data are stored:
- from the moment your account is created, i.e. from the moment you click on the confirmation link sent to the email address you entered during the registration process.
- from the moment you subscribe to the Newsletter
- If you are a minor aged under 15, the collection of your personal data is subject to the sending of a parental authorisation document signed by yourself and by the holder of parental authority for you.
Should you fail to send such a document, your account will be deleted along with all related data. Concerning the information collected from the moment your account is created:
These information and history are stored for the validity period of your account, subject to a limit of three years from your last connection and will be immediately and permanently deleted when a request to delete the account is received or upon expiry of the three-year period. We would also like to remind you that you can delete your account at any time. To do so, please email the following address:
Concerning the data collected at the time you subscribe to the Newsletter:
This information is stored for the time required to provide this service, with all parties being hereby reminded that you may choose to unsubscribe from the Newsletter service at any time. In this case, your data will be permanently and immediately deleted. We would like to point out that the deletion of your account does not automatically result in you being unsubscribed from the Newsletter.
Consequently, if you no longer wish to receive the Newsletter, you should expressly request this by clicking the link provided for this purpose in the Newsletter.  

How are your data stored?
Your data are stored by a protected and secure IT system. We have introduced security measures to protect your data against any unauthorised access and use. As stated below, we limit access to your data to only those persons subject to confidentiality and privacy obligations.  
Who can access my data? Only My Training Box’s employees may access your data, for the end purposes described above. My Training Box may also deal with service providers and trainers who may access some of your data for the purpose of fulfilling their duties, namely: connection times and results from self-assessments. This access will be necessarily granted in such a manner as to guarantee the privacy and security of your data.  
Can I access my data? And control the use made of it?
Pursuant to the provisions of law number 78-17 of 6 January 1978 (modified) concerning information technology, data files and personal freedom, and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you have the right to consult, rectify and delete your data, to limit their processing, to oppose their use and to the portability of the data concerning you, which you may exercise at any time by contacting the publisher at the following address: or by writing to 3 rue de la Boucherie – 31650 NAILLOUX
For information purposes, we should specify that:
- The right of consultation entitles you to contact My Training Box in order to obtain the communication of your data which are currently kept;
- The right of rectification entitles you to request that My Training Box modifies, adds to or updates your personal data;
- The right to deletion entitles you to request that My Training Box deletes all your personal data. To do so, you should email the following address: Your data will then be permanently and immediately deleted;
- The right to limit processing entitles you to request that My Training Box limits the processing of your data;
- The right of opposition entitles you to oppose the use of your data by My Training Box;
- The right to data portability entitles you to request that My Training Box send you your personal data in a readable format, in order to be forwarded to another data controller.
If you consider that your data is not sufficiently protected, we should remind you that you have the option to submit a complaint to the CNIL (French national data protection authority).  
Do you use cookies?
Yes, we use cookies.
To begin with, what is a cookie?
The French data protection authority (CNIL) defines this as “a series of information, generally of small size and identified by name, which can be sent to your browser by a website to which you are connected. Your web browser will store this information for a certain period and send it to the web server whenever you reconnect to the website”. Pursuant to the CNIL’s recommendations, the data collected using cookies is collected for a maximum of thirteen (13) months.
We use cookies to produce visitor statistics, audience measurement statistics and to improve the user experience on the website.
Cookie name: Remember me;
Inserted by: system;
Purpose: To store the usernames when the user connects;
Mandatory/Optional: Optional
Cookie name: Only secure cookies;
Inserted by: system;
Purpose: Only accept https connections;
Mandatory/Optional: Optional
Your express consent is required for us to be able to use cookies. During your visit to our web platform, a window opens for this purpose. To express your consent, you simply have to click “I agree” and then click the “next” button We should specify that at any time you can reset your browser to refuse all cookies or configure them.
To do so, please proceed as follows:
- Internet Explorer
Tools tab -> Internet options -> Privacy-> Settings-> Advanced -> Cookies
- Google Chrome Menu tab -> Settings -> Advanced settings -> Privacy and security -> Site settings -> Cookies
- Mozilla Firefox Menu tab -> Preferences -> Privacy and security -> Cookies and website data
- Safari Menu tab -> Preferences -> Privacy-> Cookies and website data You can also simply refuse the use of cookies from the banner displayed on your screen when you visit our website. No features of the platform will be adversely affected if you decide to block the cookies.  


 Concerning the data collected at the time you subscribe to the Newsletter: This information is stored for the time required to provide this service, with all parties being hereby reminded that you may choose to unsubscribe from the Newsletter service at any time. In this case, your data will be permanently and immediately deleted. 

Full policy

 We would like to point out that the deletion of your account does not automatically result in you being unsubscribed from the Newsletter. Consequently, if you no longer wish to receive the Newsletter, you should expressly request this by clicking the link provided for this purpose in the Newsletter.